Child Support

Child support is assessed by the Child Support Registrar c/- the Australian Government Department of Human Services (DHS). This is done by applying a formula under Part 5 of the Child Support (Assessment) Act 1989. In the words of the Full Court, in the renowned case of Gyselman [1991] FamCA…

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Importance of procedural fairness

Sagilde & Magee [2018] FamCAFC 143 Mother denied procedural fairness where expert’s recommendation for no time was made for the first time from the witness box. In this case the Full Court heard the mother’s appeal against a parenting order made by the Family Court of Western Australia that the…

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Finality is good but justice is better

Geisler [2018] FCCA 3959 (delivered on 10 December 2018, but published 5 March 2019) In a very interesting case, the Court granted an adjournment of the trial for twelve (12) months in order to permit assessment of children’s time with the father away from “artificial environment” of contact centre. Both…

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