Your reputation is important and has taken you years to build. It can shape how you or your business interact with others and are seen in the community. Being a victim of someone’s defamatory statements can have a devastating impact on your reputation and standing in the community as well as affect your or your businesses income. Defamatory statements can cause immense damage to your reputation and have the potential to cause members of the community to shun, avoid and ridicule you.

It can be extremely damaging and very upsetting when someone starts spreading lies about you or your business in public. We understand that defamatory statements can be extremely destructive both emotionally and financially. We can help stop the defamation and restore your reputation.

The law of defamation is designed to protect an individual’s reputation, while still maintaining the right to free speech. The law of defamation can help individuals or small businesses who have suffered damage. It protects an intangible being a person’s interest in their good name and reputation.

  • Have you and/or your small business been defamed?
  • Are you being sued for defamation?
  • Have you suffered embarrassment and humiliation as a result of what has been said or published about you?
  • Has your business lost customers or suffered a loss of revenue as a result?

If so, call us to discuss how we can help.

Time Limit

We understand how damaging defamation can be and the importance of stopping it as soon as possible. However if you are unsure about what to do you should get advice before it’s too late. A defamation claim has to be brought within 12 months of the publication of the defamatory matter.

We can answer all your questions, including:

  • What is defamation?
  • Can I make a claim?
  • How do I sue for defamation of character?
  • Options for businesses
  • Social media and Defamation Law
  • What defences are available to a charge of defamation?